Permanent Recruitment

Cubic Jobs Manpower Consultants stands as one of the leading recruitment services firms within the low-mid level management market. As a sister company of Personnel Search Services , India's leading Executive Search Firm, we benefit from its world class infrastructure, resources, recruitment consultants, job consultants in Kolkata and network.

As a quality focused organization, Cubic Jobs Manpower Consultants offers each of its clients:

  • An exhaustive mapping process that identifies all the potential candidates in the sector, leaving no one off the table for job consultants in Kolkata and all over India.

  • A candidate who is compatible with the company’s culture and long term strategic direction.

  • A quick turnaround time on all assignments that are executed by a highly responsive team.

  • A strategic HR partner, who will leverage its extensive experience in the industry to provide each client with a clear, honest assessment of the market.

  • A trusted advisor who will never compromise on its integrity, always putting the client first.


Cubic Jobs has been providing corporate training in Kolkata and across India for almost a decade. We have provided quality training to individuals according to the client’s requirements. It is necessary for an employee to be responsive in this competitive market. For this level of responsiveness an individual has to be well prepared.

We provide corporate training in a very systematic and methodical manner. This helps the individual become a professional in his/her tasks. Our training module includes the following methods:

  • Soft skills training: - Effective communication is a crucial factor in the company’s’ as well as the individuals’ success. Thus, we include proper soft skill training in our modules.

  • Leadership Training and Development: - A good leader will always guarantee a teams’ success. He/she is responsible and effective in handling difficulties and tackle problems. Thus, improving the company’s gains.

  • Personal Grooming and Vocational Training: - A presentable personality is half the job done.

  • Retail sales training: - We train individuals in retail sales training. This helps them garner more income for the company.

  • Customer service training:- Customers are always a priority for the company. Better service for the customers means better reputation. This helps the company earn more.

Apart from this we also provide hands on training in tele-calling /telemarketing, Problem solving, Managerial skills, Teamwork & Team building. This helps in the overall growth of the individual, thus yielding an effective, responsive and prepared employee.

Temporary Staffing

What are temporary staffing services?

Temporary staffing means an employment or work arrangement which is for limited time period. The companies or organizations in need of short- terms employees approach work agencies that provide temporary workers. Short-term employees may work either full-time or part-time based on the company needs.

The process of temporary staffing services took its’ roots during World War-II. Gradually, it paved way into the mainstream during the 1940s. There had been a major paradigm shift in the way the staffing industry worked during this era. It almost became normative to alternative to permanent staffing.

Why temporary staffing?

Temporary staffing services help in various aspects to the client companies. It helps in reducing costs to the permanent employees. Companies can hire a work force for certain durations with lesser compensations. This might be illegal and impossible in case of a permanent work-force.

Work schedules are determined by the agency and can be indefinite to extend or cut-short at any point of time. Labour flexibility is one of the main reasons for client companies to opt for temporary staffing as a solution.

Why hire from us?

Cubic Jobs Consultants are one of the leaders. We provide businesses with qualified and skilled professionals to meet the company requirements. We provide temporary staffing services in Mumbai and across India. We partner with many top of the line companies and provide them with short and long-term contractual or temporary employees.

We have provided temporary staffing services in Kolkata and across the country for almost a decade. We have hands on experience and a vast amount of knowledge in the field. Thus, our clients can completely rely on us for temporary staffing services.

Cubic Learning

Cubic has immersed  high success in the platform of Education and Communication Activities.

Cubic Learning is a platform where Training & Classes are conducted for for competitive examination under venture-ship of Kumar's Training Institute names as CUBIC KTI,

Please follow our Cubic KTI Link for more information about the courses and new batches.

Cubic KTI

Cubic Learning provide service 

  • Personality Development

  • Spoken English Training

  • Interview Training 

  • Grooming for Interview 

Interested candidates wants to take the services fill up the form below and our Support team will get back to you with all the information .

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